Ethicheck Ltd is a U.K. based company, who import and distribute hi-spec medical equipment manufactured specifically for us in Europe, for the European and US markets.

We specialise in products that are produced to a very high standard, and are supported by systems that allow everyone to have faith and trust in the products that are stored within them.

All of our temperature appliances are available with a unique and patented Web Based monitoring system, which as well as performing all your monitoring requirements, will alert you when temperatures go out of range (or potentially will go out of range). These alerts can be raised for: equipment temperature breaches, door open, power loss, and ambient room temps; so you, as the user, have time to respond before your product is damaged.

This unique monitoring system can, in the case of electronic controller failure, also take over control to keep the temperature within range, again saving your product whilst you remedy the problem.



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Product Certificates

CE Compliance for Matos Fridges
CE Compliance for Matos Freezers
CE Compliance for Matos Combo Unit