We can fit some of our products together in combination units. Please see details below.

Combo Fridges (or Thermo Cabinets)

  • Several options are available to stack 2 fridges as a combo unit. They operate seperately under their own controllers/compressors.
  • Combos available
    • 68 Litre fridges are a different body size – so can only be stack on themselves.
    • The 150, 200, and 250 litre models have the same dimensions – so can be mixed.
    • Note though that due to the height of a combo unit – 2 x 250l or a combo of the 200 & 250 litre is not available.

Combo Fridge/Freezers

  • Due to differing dimensions there is only one “combo” fridge freezer.
  • This is a combo of the 150 litre fridge – with the 85 litre freezer.
  • Although the bigger fridges are the same dimension as the 150 litre – a combo of those and the 85 litre freezer would be too high for most applications.

Combo Fridge/Thermo (or Thermo / Freezer)

  • As the Thermostatic Chambers are using the same bodies as the fridges, any combination with Fridges or Freezers following the rules above can be done.

MATOS® Combo Matrix

Eco 68 R
Eco 150 R
Eco 200 R
Eco 250 R
Cloud 68 R
Cloud 150 R
Cloud 200 R
Cloud 250 R
Eco 85 F
Eco 68 S
Eco 150 S
Eco 200 S
Eco 250 S