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Product Rollog Kit slider image
Product Rollog Kit slider image
Product Rollog Kit slider image

Rollog Kit

Rollog is an easy to use programme that helps you setup a temperature logger and to view the results. To start a logger you plug it into the computer and use Rollog to set the sample rate (how often you want it to store the temperature), when to start, and what to do once the memory is full (stop or overwrite the oldest reading).




Automatically record the temperature in your vaccine fridge 24 hours/7 days a week.

• Quick and easy to use
• View results as a graph with zoom capabilities
• View results as a table with a Microsoft Excel export
• Free upgrades
• Reliable – readings cannot be manually changed


• Saves time by eliminating daily recording of temperatures
• Saves money by providing a detailed history when deciding if goods should be discarded after an incident
• Saves stress because you know everything is fine
• Saves your reputation by proving everything is good, or quickly identifying problems

Storing vaccines
Vaccines must be stored between 2°C and 8°C.  Vaccine fridges have a number of extra
features to ensure that this occurs.  These features include microprocessor control, fan forced cooling, temperature display and audible alarms.

What is a temperature logger?
A temperature logger will automatically record the date, time and temperature and store it in memory. These results can then be downloaded to a computer for viewing, saving and analysis.
Temperature loggers are ideal for monitoring the transport and storage of temperature sensitive products such as vaccines, medicine, and pathology samples. They can also monitor processes such as freezing, washing, sterilising, and incubating.

After a disaster
You return to the pharmacy after a public holiday. The fridge is reporting an alarm. Do you keep the stock or discard it? With a temperature logger you know when the problem happened, for how
long, and how hot/cold the vaccines became. These are the critical pieces of information required in deciding whether to keep or dispose of stock.  So you can be trading immediately, or you can be disposing of stock that is compromised. But you won’t be throwing out good stock, or selling bad.

When being audited
An independent, 24 hours a day/7 days a week log of your vaccine fridge is the best way to prove that your vaccines were always stored at the correct temperature.


What Next 
Once you have uploaded the readings from the logger there are many tools to make the most of the data such as:
• A graph and table display
• A range of reports to print out
• Export results to the clipboard, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, csv files, graphical files
• Save results for later use
• Email results to others