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What is Cold Chain?

Very simply the “cold chain” is the system of transporting and storing vaccines, insulin and any other temperature sensitive products in the prescribed manner to precisely control the temperature of product stored in a refrigerator, usually between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius.

Why do I need to service my Medical Refrigerator?

Annual maintenance on your medical refrigerator while not mandatory, is strongly recommended by the manufacturer. As with all expensive medical appliances, these recommendations are there for a reason and should be taken into serious consideration to make the most of your new refrigerator.
A purpose-built medical refrigerator is a precision medical instrument and requires regular preventative maintenance and calibration to ensure that it does its job accurately and efficiently.
Contact Ethicheck Ltd if you wish to have your Refrigerator serviced.

What is the difference between a Pharmacy and Vaccine Refrigerator?

There is no difference it is very common for a Pharmacy Refrigerator to also be referred to as a Vaccine Refrigerator. 

These Refrigerators are designed to operate and maintain a temperature range of 2ᵒC to 8ᵒC to minimise the risk of of exposing vaccines and medication to temperatures outside of this range and therefore making the vaccines impotent. All our Refrigerators are supplied with lockable cabinets, LED display controller, automatic defrost and audible alarms to ensure you are notified if the temperature range has been breached or door has been left open. 


I have made an order online - when can I expect my order to be delivered?

Firstly, thank you for ordering a Ethicheck product online. 

You should of received a confirmation email to confirm receipt of your order and payment. 

The Sales Team will be in contact to confirm receipt of your order and provide confirmation on estimated delivery date within 24 business hours. 

Please call us on +44 1372 236455 or email if you have any questions or have not received an order confirmation email. 

Where can I find my User Manual?

The user manuals for all our products can be found on our website under Instruction & Reference Guides. If you have any queries about the information in the manual or other questions regarding the operation of the applicance please contact + 44 1372 236455 for further assistance.

I need a spare part for my Ethicheck Refrigerator or Freezer:

Please call us on +44 1372 236455 or email and we will be pleased to assist.