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“We had fridge monitors installed on 12 medication fridges across 2 campuses.The alerts received via email promote prompt action to refrigerator temperature breaches. Overall, the monitors have enabled more thorough temperature logging, prompt response to temperature alerts and recording of actions taken which has been an important component in achieving compliance with national accreditation standards.”

Manager Pharmacy Services, Djerriwarrh Health Services, Victoria

Ethicheck Ltd is a UK based company, specialising in Refrigeration and Temperature Monitoring products that are produced to a very high standard, and are supported by systems that allow everyone to have faith and trust in the products that are stored within them.

What We Do

Ethicheck is proud to distribute MATOS® technology. Originally developed in Australia and New Zealand by Rollex Medical, the leading providers of refrigeration solutions to the medical sector in Australasia, with over 14 years’ experience in the field. Hospitals & Medical Centers using the patented MATOS® Override Fridge Rescue System have saved tens of thousands of pounds’ worth of sensitive product.

We have a range of Refrigerators and Freezers available with our unique and patented Web Based MATOS Monitoring system, which as well as performing all your monitoring requirements, will alert you when temperatures go out of range (or potentially will go out of range).

Alerts can be raised for: equipment temperature breaches, door open, power loss, and ambient room temps and more; so you, as the user, have time to respond before your product is damaged.

This unique monitoring system can, in the potentially disastrous case of electronic control system failure, also take over control to keep the chamber's temperature within range, again saving your product whilst you remedy the problem.

Why Choose Us?

Ethicheck Ltd will help you procure the best cold-chain compliant medical fridge for your needs. We will look after you for the life of your fridge.

With Ethicheck Ltd, purchasing a fridge is the beginning of a long-lasting relationship.

Check out our Quality Policy Statement here to learn more about Ethicheck's commitment to our clients. 

OUR Accreditations

Ethicheck Ltd are the experts in all your Medical Refrigeration and Monitoring needs providing you with the confidence that all your Cold Chain needs are met.
We are pleased to confirm that we have just passed our ISO 9001:2015 Annual surveillance audit with NO non-conformances!
Our range of Refrigerators and Freezers are all CE Certified to meet European and International standards.
We are the proud Distributor of the MATOS®Monitoring Technology. We have a range of Products available with built-In Monitoring capability offering continuous temperature monitoring with SMS and email alerts ensuring a robust complete monitoring record of your product – even with loss of power.