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MATOS M-310i with single Temperature Sensor

MATOS® Monitoring can now be retrofitted to any fridge, freezer, cool-room or airspace. This can be achieved with the use of our new MATOS® M-310 stand-alone monitoring unit. Developed and built
in New Zealand, the M-310 is a robust, secure monitoring unit that is wifi and cellular compatible for all your monitoring environments.


Please note Annual ongoing Monitoring Fees are applicable. 


Take a look at the MATOS® demonstration site: using the following login:

Username: matosdemo1 / Password: matosdemo1



MATOS® M-310 is a standalone monitoring unit that is quick and easy to install and provides most of the premium MATOS® Monitoring features in a compact, robust enclosure:
• Fully automatic, online monitoring –
• Requires internet connection (wifi & cellular options available)
• Wall mount or benchtop monitoring unit
• Supports up to 4 digital temperature sensors/probes
• Supports 2 digital inputs (I/O) e.g. monitor power or door status
• Variable probe lengths and configurations available
• 24 hour Battery Backup with instant power switching
• 30 days internal log memory
• Cloud storage data integrity guaranteed for at least 10 years
• CE compliant.

Standard MATOS® Monitoring terms and conditions apply.
Extra charges may be applicable for excess sms alerts.

Dedicated Server
MATOS® Monitoring features a dedicated, off site, secure server ensuring fast access speeds when information is critical.

SMS Alerting
Temperature excursions and status alarms are sent via text message within seconds.

Ease of Access
Access fridge temperatures and statuses from any web-capable device such as a computer,  smartphone or tablet.

Clear Concise Information
See temperature history and fridge status at a glance with easy to read colour coded indicators.

Full Alert History
Complete alert history makes audit trails a breeze. See who has responded and action taken with the click of a button.

Wireless Capability
Internet connection via wired or secure wireless network.

Automatic and Custom Reports
Get reports delivered direct to your email inbox or create custom PDF reports for any period.

Robust Database
Double backup and RAID system ensures data is kept safe and secure for over 10 years.

Battery Backup
With MATOS® smart compact UPS built into the M-310-I unit the temperature monitoring will continue during a power failure, ensuring an uninterrupted temperature log. (Backup time up to 13 hours).
Automatic battery maintenance and smart-charging cycle ensures maximum battery life.

Outgoing Communication Only
As there are no incoming connections to the monitoring device the network security of your business is never compromised.

Self Reporting/Analysing
Self monitored device ensures any hardware problems are reported to the user ensuring quick response. 

Take a look at the MATOS® demonstration site.  using the following login: Username: matosdemo1 / Password: matosdemo1