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MATOS PLUS Cloud Refrigerators


The MATOS® PLUS Cloud is our premium range of Medical Refrigerators / Freezers with the addition of our Data Acquisition & Transfer Module and Fridge Rescue System offering:


Built-In Monitoring

Continuous 24/7 temperature monitoring with email and optional sms alerts ensures a robust complete monitoring record of your product even with loss of power.


Thermostat Override

The patented control system ensures that in the event of a component failure, our Fridge Rescue System steps in and will keep the fridge within the optimum temperature range.


Battery Backup

Our MATOS PLUS Cloud Medical Refrigerator / Freezer range includes a smart, compact UPS built into the fridge so the temperature monitoring will continue during a power failure, ensuring an uninterrupted temperature log. (Backup time up to 36 hours). Automatic battery maintenance and smart-charging cycle ensures maximum battery life.


Take a look at the Monitoring demonstration site - using the following: Username: matosdemo1 / Password: matosdemo1