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Temperature Monitoring Solution


Looking for a Temperature Monitoring Solution that will ensure you are meeting all your Cold Chain Requirements?


Ethicheck are the exclusive distributor of the MATOS® Monitoring Technology which is available in-built into one of our MATOS® PLUS Cloud Vaccine / Pharmacy Refrigerators or Freezers along with the ability to retrofit the same monitoring system on to any Refrigerator, Freezer, Airspace or Cool Room.


With the MATOS® Monitoring Technology as a customer you are provided 24/7 temperature monitoring along with alerting you when temperatures go out of range (or potentially will go out of range). These alerts can be raised for: equipment temperature breaches, door open, power loss, and ambient room temps; so you, as the user, have time to respond before your product is damaged.


Take a look at the Monitoring demonstration site - using the following: Username: matosdemo1 / Password: matosdemo1


Be sure to check out our newest addition to the MATOS Monitoring product solution offerings - The MATOS Wireless Monitoring (MWM) Kit! 

Our newest MWM Kit offers our clients a simple plug and play solution, resulting in NO Installation while still being able to utilise all of the fantastic features offered with the MATOS Monitoring Technology - Click here for more information! 


If a manual datalogger is your requirement we are also the proud UK Distributor for the ETemp Rollog Kit. A temperature logger will automatically record the date, time and temperature and store it in memory. These results can then be downloaded to a computer for viewing, saving and analysis.